Do you need to stop using CBD before a drug test?

The term CBD is used for cannabidiol, which is not the same as the other cannabinoids derived from the cannabis and hemp plant. The CBD is not intoxicating and won’t get you high. Yet it has lots of benefits that are medicinal and therapeutic. But the important question for us is, “Do you need to stop using CBD before a drug test?”

This question is vital, when you are taking the drug test for work or for other important factors. You don’t want to be wrongly accused of something and you want to avoid all such chances. A test that is misread and turns up positive just because you used CBD oil will certainly be a problem for you. It can hinder progress for you in many ways. Most of all, the sad experience of being wrongly accused.

Now, what are drug screening tests looking to uncover? The aim of drug screening tests is only to look for traces of illegal drugs in your system. This includes all traces of the heaviest and most intoxicating hallucinatory drugs. These may include a variety of Opium based drugs, and the most powerful ones as well. But it just so happens that CBD is not one of the illegal items that the tests are designed to trace.

The drug screening is not specifically looking for traces of CBD, but there may be some employers who want to know if the person is using this product as well. The actual screening is looking for THC, which is a highly psychoactive element within the marijuana plant. And that will show up in a drug test.

The aim of the drug test is not to look for traces of CBD, but there is always a possibility that the test can be triggered by the traces of CBD in urine. But it seems people are being fully assured that they can take CBC everyday and never have to experience the sad result of a urine test that comes up positive. This claim is not entirely true. The risk is minimal to minute, but the risk is surely there. You don’t want to take the chance of risking your future to a urine test that comes up with the wrong result.

People who have never taken marijuana have tested positive in drug tests just because of their CBD usage. This is unfortunate but this has been a reality. The proponents of CBD continue to affirm that the compound CBD itself will not cause a positive urine test but you must use caution. Once you get such a positive result, that goes on your record and your chances for jobs, promotions, or other good things may be forfeited.

So, it is advisable to stop using CBD well in advance of taking a drug test. Although you should not get a positive urine test result just because you use the CBD oil, you don’t want to risk the chances, especially when it comes to important issues and milestones of your life.

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